SKP-900 Key Programmer V3.6 Highlights (August. 21) (NEW)

1. FORD RANGER Remote Key Program 2012-2015 (Free pincode)

2. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Petrol Remote & Key Program  2010-2015 (Free pincode)

3. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Diesel Remote & Key Program 2010-2015 (Free pincode)

4. Mitsubishi L200 Petrol Remote & Key Program  2010-2015 (Free pincode)

5. Mitsubishi L200 Diesel Remote & Key Program 2010-2015 (Free pincode)

6. Mitsubishi TRITON Diesel Remote & Key Program 2015- (Free pincode)

7. Isuzu D-MAX Key Program 2008-2012

8. Isuzu MU-7 Key Program 2008-2012

9. Isuzu All key program 2012-

10. TOYOTA AVANZA Add Key 2014

11. MAZDA BT-50 Key Program 2012-2015(Free pincode)

heartIf you have ordered the SKP900 Key Programmer from us, you can update the version to the V3.6 in official website( register and log in):

Tech service share more advice for you;

Solution for VXDIAG Ford IDS Software Can Not Be Used

enlightenedTop 5 Reasons to get VXDIAG VCX NANO:

1. FORD IDS Version: V95, Mazda IDS Version: V95
2. Perfect replacement for Ford VCM 2
3. Support multi-languages: English/Japanese/Portuguese/Romanian/Korean/Dutch/Polish


4. Update by CD with unlocked firmware
5. Support both new and old vehicles.

Notice: No Antivirus Program On Laptop. 

Step 1: 

Download the Ford IDS V81 Software By the following link:

You need to download them all. After download, put them into one folder.


 V81 Version is mainly for Programming, So if you don’t need to program your vehicle

in future, no need to download those files, Just go on to Step 2.

If you need program the vehicles, you must download all those V81 Files.

You could choose.

Step 2:

Download the Ford V91 Software by the following link:

This link can not be opened by browser, if you do in that way, you will get 404 error.

This link need to started by a tool named Xunlei Download Tool,

Please install it by the following link

If you can not open this link, I have shared the setup file of it in the folder,

you could just double click it, and then install it, it is very easy.

After you finished installing this Xunlei download tool, operate it as below:

(It might be in Chines, just do as same as I show you below)

Step 3: 

After we finished download V81 and V91, let download V96 right now.

After you finished download of all those different version files.

Please do the installation as the video shows.

This is the installation video shows how to install those different version files,

and while you installing V91 version, you might get a message below:

This is normal. And you get this message, you could go on to install V96 Version,

if you did not get this message “ expire in 3 days”, or you get any other errors,

please shows us, and that might means you have failed.

But please contact with us first to make sure the problem.


Promotion For Launch X431 Creader VIII & Launch X431 Creader VII+

Original Launch X431 Creader VIII (CRP129) scanner, only 190USD

1) Launch X431 Creader VIII offers a special maintenance service;
2) It support OBDII/EOBD protocols,
3) Support 40 car models (from USA, European and Asia) 4 systems (ABS, ECU, Airbag and Transmission).
4) Support Multi-language and online update.

Original Launch X431 Creader VII+ (CRP123) Multi-Language Diagnostic scanner, only 139USD 

Creader VII+ is a well built comprehensive diagnostic instrument by Launch. It’s not only including the full function of OBDII /EOBD,
but also support more functions of four systems (Engine, automatic transmission, anti-lock braking system and airbag)of main car models,
such as read and reset code, multi-languages, data stream graphic display, storage and playback of dynamic data stream, etc.

enlightenedWe can arrange the shipping from US, fast shipping,  if you are in United State, you can get it soon,  and no need tax.

Ship From US Launch X431 Creader VII+ (CRP123) Multi-Language Diagnostic Instrument

Piwis Tester II Diagnostic Tool For Porsche Have Update To V15.6

Piwis Tester II Diagnostic Tool For Porsche Have Update To V15.6, with multi language support and with CF30 laptop.

For the piwi tester2, you can buy the main unit alone, if you have own software, we have the one from YANHUA company, original one.

And YANHUA PIWI Tester 2 with CF30 laptop, and software.

heartHow to Update To V15.6

1. Please insert the upgrade DVD into DVD rom, then choose [Tools- DVD Upgrade] the software will install automatically.

2. Click [Yes] to confirm released DVD installation prompt;

3. Click [OK] to confirm the setup.

4. When you seen these screens, you need wait with patient, it might cost around 4-7 hours to finish the whole upgrade process.

5. Open the software after computer reboot, check the Porsche Tester 2 V15.600 software information.



X-PROG Box ECU Programmer V5.5 Have Error For “unknown command”

For the X-PROG Box ECU Programmer V5.5, if you have any questions for cannot use it any more, or system remind you for the “unknown command”

X-PROG Box ECU Programmer V5.5 Support CAS4 5M48H

enlightenedPlease do the process follow:

You must programmer step by step, and used with USB-UPA:
1. Erase chip atmega 64
2. Program eeprom , Flash
3. Set Lock bits and fuse bits. Program lock bits, fuse bits.
4. Copy Xprogbox 5.51 to C:\ and run Xprognew.reg
5. Run XprogDesktop.exe and update .

We have customer, and he use  this process, solved the questions success.

Feedback from customer:

my old xprog-m 5.0 now have the 5.51 version succesfully installed!, I already tested with Infineon xc23xx, Mac7242, SPI, I2C, Microwire eeproms, some 9S12, HC11, HC05 and TMS. Works great, verify error also fixed with update. Before this update I can’t read/write the HC05H12, now it’s working!. All authorizations activated.

enlightened For the V5.51 Xprog Update file, if you want, place contact us.

CAN Clip For Renault Diagnostic Tool Have Update To V151

Renault CAN Clip V151 New Update Released 

New Features:
Fitted in new vehicle: XBA

New Operations:
Reading of the diagnostic cards via RNFI token

When clip is close, the connection window appears for the token and the password must be entered so that the diagnostic cards can be read.

General information:
Maintenance of the Panasonic CF18s ceased in May 2014 and they can no longer be registered.

Renault CAN Clip V143

How To Update Original Autoboss V30 Online

Autoboss V30, mainly function is diagnostic,Quick test function to diagnose the complete vehicle, Cover more than 57 makers, 40,000 vehicle systems, Asia, European, China, America cars.

It is original device and support multi language.

Autoboss v30 elite comes with SD card, USB cables, battery cable, main cable, connecters, user manual, V30 scanner main unit, printing cable etc.

Universal built-in self mini printer allows to print out the diagnostics results (fault code information, data stream etc)

Simplify press on the power-on button to start up the device and wait a few seconds to load the system


Come to the main menu, each function tab can be easily glanced through the navigation bar


Click “Version” Tab, you are allow to view the Autoboss V30 Elite scanner software version, hardware version and device S/N.


Click “Settings” Tab, you are allowed to change language, self-check, set time etc

NOTE: V30 scanner language:  English (Default), Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian. English is default language, If you need other language, please provide Serial Number to open it.


Click “User Manual” option, the scanner will explain how to access each function, including device warning, change layout, built-in printer setup etc


AUTOBOSS V30 supports one year free update, after that you need to pay 279USD/year.

How to update AutoBoss V30 Elite diagnostic super scanner?

You need to buy Autoboss V30/V30 Elite Security Card for one Year online update Global Version to renew the software.

  1. Log on Autoboss Official Website
  2. Download and install update client software
  3. Run client software
  4. Click “Renewal Setting” button
  5. Scathe panel to get security code
  6. Input product serial number, card number, security code
  7. Click “OK” button to finish
  8. Successfully complete, the expiration date will be automatically extended according to the subscription length on the card.Autoboss V30/V30 Elite Security Card For One Year Online Update Global Version

Original Autoboss V30 Only 499USD On EOBD2.NET

This is Original Autoboss V30, top 3 reasons to get this scanner:

1. Supported Languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian, German and Traditional Chinese

2. One Year Free Update Online

3. Support Bluetooth and live data graphic display.

V30 Functions:
1.Live data graphic display
2.Full component activation
3.Read & change ECU coding
4.Setting of adaptation values
5.CANBUS function supported
6.Internet update function
7.HYUNDAI immobilizer
8.Testing report saving function
9.VOLKSWAGON immobilizer III
10.Coding of the new control modules
11.NISSAN idle speed self learning function
12.Multi-language for international market demand
13.Hand-held independent operation, supporting PC link