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Original Xhorse VVDI2 Commander Programmer, EOBD2.NET New Arrival

This is the resent hot selling item, VVDI2 Commander, original one from Xhorse, high quality.

enlightenedThis is the top function for VVDI2:

1. Support the function of Tango, remote control generation and chip identification is improved, and also the coil’s stability has been enhanced.
2. This version contain Basic Module, VW module and 5th immo authorization.

3. Support program key chip.
4. More vehicle coverage, multi Immo functions

enlightenedVVDI2 software can update online. but you should take note for this:

1. Update Online can help you update your VVDI2 firmware and software.
2. Please DON’T used for illegal purpose, Please follow the national law
3.  Update Online is written by VVDI2, please DON’T used for commercial
purposes without authorize
4. Any illegal use VVDI2 – Update Online, illegal use VVDI2 device, The user
should take all risks, the company does not assume any responsibility.

5. Software only have English, Chinese version, before run the programmer, you should choose the language first.

Update firmware steps:
1) Close other VVDI2 programs, connect VVDI2 to PC with USB cable
2) Choose VVDI2 firmware version from Firmware List
3) Press button Update Online, wait the progress end
4) If failed to get firmware list or get something like “communicate with server error!”
while update your device, close antivirus and firewall programs, try again. Change
your internet provider once failed again
5) DON’T shutdown your PC or disconnect USB cable while update device

Software Update
This function require internet support
*Use “Menu ->Software Update ->Software Update” to obtain VVDI2 latest software
version, the software version require firmware version etc (PICTURE 3.2). Press
*Download Link will download the latest software
*If there’s no display for software version, shutdown your firewall and antivirus
programs, try again


How to add more other car models for FVDI software

Today one customer who have ordered FVDI ABRITES Commander for Nissan/Infiniti from us before,
and he want to add Ford software on this device,
FVDI scanner can support Read/program ECU, Key programming via OBDII, Modify odometer
in EEPROM dump from dashboard, Clear Crash Data from Airbag.
useful one, and easy use. but if you have other cars, you should buy related software.

Actually, for the FVDI scanner, if you want other cars software, only need buy related software,
and this is the process show you how to do this:

1 Every device has the serial number. After you make payment for Ford software. Please give the serial number of your device to us.
We will send it to factory and let them to produced the ford software based on your device. Then send the new software CD to you.

2 After you get the CD, install the software, then follow the following way to update your tool
1) Connect the hardware of FVDI with your computer via USB cable. (No need to connect it with your car)
2) Insert the CD to your computer. Find this CD on your computer, open folder “FW Downloader”,
then doble click “FWDownloader.exe”, then this software will fun automaticlly.

3) Then you will see two options: If you want to update the firmware. Then choose “Firmware”.
If you want to update license data, then choose “Database”.

4) Click button “Start” to start updating

5) After updating ready, click “Exit”.

Then you succeed finished the process.

VVDI PROG Programmer

Software V3.4.0, hardware: (2015-09-10)

This version DON’t need update
+ Add Porsche BCM (1L15Y/2M25J/5M48H)
+ Add MC9S12XEQ512,MC9S12XET512
options in <2-MCU>–>Motorola
+ Add BENZ EIS-W203 in
* Fix some display BUGs in English
* Change the name of upgrade button
as “Start Firmware Upgrade”
* Change the Voltage name as “VCC”,

VVDI PROG Programmer
1. Support VAG EDC17 and BMW ECU
2. Support software update online
3. Latest version: V3.4.0
4. Support English, Chinese languages.


1.3.2 MCU Reflash cable
Used to program MCU on board

1.3.3 ECU Reflash cable
Used to program ECU

 1.3.4  MC9S12 Reflash cable 
Used to program MC9S12 series chip