Forget iKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI Key Cutter Pass Code, What Should I Do?

iKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI Highlight Characteristics:

1. Built-in Database
2. Language support: English, Chinese
3. 7” Capacitive Touch Screen
4. 3-Axis Precision Ball Screw Transmission
5. Cross Rail
6. All Aluminum Machine Body
7. Single machine with both Tracer/Cutter
8. Standardly include three clamps M1/M2
9. Software supports online-update
10. Support Sided/Track/Dimple/Tibbe keys
11. Some Dimple/Tibbe keys need optional clamps

ikeycutter picture show

Feedback from customer

frownI have set one pass code, but forget, what should i do next?


Clear all the data, even if the boot password, enter 123456
If you do not the probe directly into the Probe calibration, calibration and cutting jig calibration, then follow the prompts to do on it