Free Download OPCOM 2012V Firmware V1.59/ V1.45

OP-COM is powerful PC-based Opel diagnostic tool, with the newest software V120309a and firmware V1.59,
to read out and clear fault codes, read live data, and perform output test.

Free Download OP-COM 2012V/ VAUX-COM 120309a:

Computer requirement:
Windows XP and 7

enlightenedTips on using VAUX-COM 120309a software:

1. Make sure there is dotnetfx35_SP1 patch on your windows XP or Windows 7 laptop, otherwise you are unable to run opcom software.
2.If you install the software on windows 7 laptop, you can only open it as Administrator, kindly check and follow the installation video inside CD
3. Never update it online, It Will Damage The OP-COM

Software display: