How to change language for Super ICOM Software ICOM ICOM A2

Super iCOM software newest version is 2015.08, it can support Win 8.1 software, it is 100% fully functions as the dealer workshop use, including BMW Group ISTA, BMW Group ISTA-P, BMW Group ISPI Local path,
Super iCOM updater v1.0, Super iCOM SN Reader, iToolRadar, etc.Super iCOM software platform use ISPI NEXT which is the latest platform developed by BMW AG.

This is one customer question:

I tried to to change ISTA-D language follow instruction on Help disk by click on language option under the “Setting” tab (see picture below). But still failed to change language from English to French.

My Solution for this:

You need to provide us your Super iCOM serial number to our factory. Our engineer will change software language via TeamViwer.

Super iCOM software can only works with Perfect ICOM A2 +B+C diagnostic system SP168-BA and SP168-BO, cannot work with common icom (SP168-FR/SP168-B/SP168-C/SP168-D). If you order common icom software, then select the specific language version.