How to install software for Genius & Flash Point Protocols ECU programmer?

We released new items for CAN-BUS, KWP and J1850 Protocols, this is Genius & Flash Point Protocols ECU programmer,

Newest Hardware: V5.005.003  New Genius Software Free Download

Multi-Language: English,Italian,German,French,Spanish,Portuguese,Hungarian

  • The New Genius supports CAN-BUS, KWP and J1850 Protocols and Has Communication Modules Available for the Following Vehicles: Cars, Bikes, LCV
  • World’s first Touch & Map device, allows reading / programming the ECU in modern vehicles over OBD2
  • Updated Version of Kess V2, Support More Vehicles
  • No tokens limitation. There is 30 tokens by default, after the tokens use up, you can simply press tokens reset button to recovery.

Process for How to install K-touch on win7 32bit
1) Open DVD, Install “wrar362″.
2) Copy “K-touch software” folder and paste to the desktop.
3) Right click “DVD RW Drive (E:) K-touch, Eject it.
4) Install “setup 1″.
Open “K-touch software” folder, select “setup1″, select “fscommand” and then “Setup_RaceEVO” to install wizard, choose language (Language available: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish) , then go on complete updating your system.

Continue Race EVO (rev.431 build 829) setup 1- installAware Wizard.
Note: dimensione Sport Customer code is C7535

Go on till you finish the wizard for Race EVO (rev.431 build 829) setup 1 setup, remove the tick before “Run Race EVO (rev.431 build 829) setup 1 now”.

5) Install “Setup 2″
Install the extract file, after finish open the yellow icon “k-touch” on the desktop, you may come across an error message “Fatal error: Invalid version of RaceLoc.dll”. Click “OK”.

Generally speaking, the Fatal error working solution is: after completed setup, you need to manually replace raceloc.dll C:\Users\Your PC Name\AppData\Local\DimWare\RaceEVO\7.0.

Step-by-step to replace this file:
Open”K-touch software” folder, extract “setup3″ and you will get the application file “RaceLoc.dll”.
Go to C:\Users\Your PC Name\AppData\Local\DimWare\RaceEVO\7.0, find out “RaceLoc.dll” and delete it. (Note: \AppData\Local\DimWare\RaceEVO\7.0 may be hided, just click Organize- folder options – view and click the icon before “show hidden files, folders and drivers”.

Copy the “RaceLoc.dll” from the “setup3″, and then replace the deleted “RaceLoc.dll”.

6) Click the yellow icon “K-touch”, agree the license, click “No” to connect network.

7) Plug new genius device into the computer by following this picture, for win7, the driver will automatically complete.

Go to Device Manager to check if you can see “DimSport – New Genius Device”, yes means new genius build a good communication with your computer.

8) Read and write ECU data
Open the software, click “K-Touch”- “Explore”, you will see New Genius hardware version is V5.005.0003.

Read ECU data: Click “Genius:/\File\Read\, firstly read “DF” then save it. Then “1015” and “12222” one by one.

Write ECU data: Click “Genius:/\File\Write, import file “DF”, “1015” and “12222” one by one and write them.