How to use update card for Denso TOYOTA Intelligent Tester IT2

TOYOTA Intelligent Tester IT2 For Toyota And Suzuki, they all in newest version now, 2016.07

Denso Intelligent Tester2 IT2 For TOYOTA With Suzuki 2016.7 Version

If you want update, you should buy related software card, like

2016.7 Toyota Denso IT2 Update Software 64MB TF Card for Toyota/Suzuki/Blank Card

But in this week, one of my customer, buy one toyota software card, and once he entered it to the toyota it2 slot, have error,



How does it happen?

because he used 2 software card together, i don’t know how he can do it, but just want remind you, one device only can support one card separate.

More toyota diagnostic tool, please enter