When you update your XTOOL X100 PRO Auto Key Programmer, and not succeed

When you update your X100 key programmer, you followed the user manual,

this is the process.

1. Download Update Tool from Official Website.

2. Select the software language you need English/Chinese

3. Enter your Username/SN (Serial Number) to login

You go to the official website, and download the related file, but after all process, you restar your device, all in Chinese, like this picture show:



And error shows you not update succeed.


This makes you not happy, because you don’t know what does it mean, so please close the menu, and back to the official website, update it again, then will be fine.

and you should choose right language when you update software file, and when you register,

then it will be ok like, all in English

xtool-002 xtool-001